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Phil Collins is too often judged solely on “In the Air Tonight”. From that, conclusions are drawn, but if they’re negative, I don’t get it. He functions at a very appealing level for listeners and thinkers alike (I will not speak for self-proclaimed troubadours and soggy-brained chimps [the primates in Tarzan not only jam to […]

PBS should produce a Christmas Music Documentary series in late summer, when people around me are anticipating the music, but toward the end, around November, that’s when it gets sad.

Trivial-Ear-Candy Sticks

The You Made It Weird episode with Nick Kroll has it all, and it’s worth several repeat listens. Namely, it has made me more inclined to be on an exclusive Friendly Healthy Animal Product diet. Even though that was barely a big topic, the way it was presented was so rattling, and made perfect comedy. […]