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Phil Collins is too often judged solely on “In the Air Tonight”. From that, conclusions are drawn, but if they’re negative, I don’t get it. He functions at a very appealing level for listeners and thinkers alike (I will not speak for self-proclaimed troubadours and soggy-brained chimps [the primates in Tarzan not only jam to PC’s tunes, but they talk quite deeply and directly]) in that many of his songs have matching attributes to “In the Air Tonight”. Even in Genesis. 

I was turned on to Genesis by vibrant posters I saw in a poster shop in a beach town (Avalon, NJ). I had to get into some classic rock, to fulfill the curriculum of learning pre-burning. 

All the Phil Collins songs my heart can handle right now deal with tragedy upon 3 different people and perspectives, one of which could be you!


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