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4:11:30 Start

I’m listening to Julie Klausner right now, after watching the Tony Awards, because I listened to her on the same episode [ – I fretted about embedding this or whatever, but I wanna splooj (ge wasn’t even the right spelling, so maybe Mac’s automatic asshole doesn’t believe in it) this, which is also the reason […]

Just read an interview with Donald Glover where

Just read an interview with Donald Glover where he said that C.H.I.L.D.I.S.H. G.A.M.B.I.N.O. was too long of an acronym, but… Come Hold It Limp Dick It Should Hurt Gums And Mar[b]l[e]B[o]ro[ugh]s I’nt Nuts-O 5 seconds. what. quick like a hardon