4:11:30 Start

I’m listening to Julie Klausner right now, after watching the Tony Awards, because I listened to her on the same episode [http://howwasyourweek.libsyn.com/harris-wittels-ben-nugent-curating-the-linens-ep-119 – I fretted about embedding this or whatever, but I wanna splooj (ge wasn’t even the right spelling, so maybe Mac’s automatic asshole doesn’t believe in it) this, which is also the reason I just stopped listening, around 4:16:30, if you’re following this like a race where the time keep will round to 30 seconds no matter what because this race is by him and for him and I’ve been using auteur wrong and this is unedited, and people see me as stream-of-consciousness)] before, and that’s why I watched. Because, the people she talks about are so often lost on me. I will say something about the Oscars (and a Provocative Children’s Book Title) as always in the future.

Anyway, #420fun (4:19:30), 

I can do stuff, “Satan” [If I said this, you might say it’s funny. Because the first note I made about “funny” was 


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