Does Anything Evolve?

I don’t want to be a smart-ass, but THINGS can’t evolve, and degrade – which may contribute to life, if the thing has ever been part of life. I haven’t been all that big into life when I’m only ever mad about my relationship with my laptop, because we always play the “who’s gonna hang up first?” game.

From what I’ve observed about myself, only regression exists. And, when that doesn’t seem to be true, I think any polarization is another sign of it. The trait of worrying is typically considered negative, but, as a trait of mine, it’s regressed (as far as I’m feeling now). However, as soon as I go back to active life, it’ll be back in play.
I like my honey dark and thick, unlike Winnie the Pooh, who doesn’t seem that into variety. I’d like to battle him, or anybody who identifies with him. Maybe myself, some days.

All the above is permanent by it’s existence in the about section. I’ve committed to it. Please don’t be upset with me. Chain me to the way I should help.


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