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4:11:30 Start

I’m listening to Julie Klausner right now, after watching the Tony Awards, because I listened to her on the same episode [ – I fretted about embedding this or whatever, but I wanna splooj (ge wasn’t even the right spelling, so maybe Mac’s automatic asshole doesn’t believe in it) this, which is also the reason […]

Just read an interview with Donald Glover where

Just read an interview with Donald Glover where he said that C.H.I.L.D.I.S.H. G.A.M.B.I.N.O. was too long of an acronym, but… Come Hold It Limp Dick It Should Hurt Gums And Mar[b]l[e]B[o]ro[ugh]s I’nt Nuts-O 5 seconds. what. quick like a hardon

“They do say, a man’s best friend” – nonsense

Around 1:10 (and then 2:10, you know, the other time she speaks) Arlene Francis foils Jerry Lewis, because women are funny. that’s all. I think this all is dumb, b/c I know little about everyone who’s ever said that women aren’t funny, and also people who are in black-and-white and not baby me.

Putting Things Off Isn’t Paying Off, Just Yet

Here are instances when it does, from real-life and movies that may or may not exist and definitely aren’t referenced: Man meets girl, never tells her he loves her (or tells her once, when he’s drunk, and then forgets he said “I love you” and she forgets that he’s an alcoholic, and she resents him […]

Action/Experience Watch Watch Listen Listen Read Read

Phil Collins is too often judged solely on “In the Air Tonight”. From that, conclusions are drawn, but if they’re negative, I don’t get it. He functions at a very appealing level for listeners and thinkers alike (I will not speak for self-proclaimed troubadours and soggy-brained chimps [the primates in Tarzan not only jam to […]

PBS should produce a Christmas Music Documentary series in late summer, when people around me are anticipating the music, but toward the end, around November, that’s when it gets sad.

Trivial-Ear-Candy Sticks

The You Made It Weird episode with Nick Kroll has it all, and it’s worth several repeat listens. Namely, it has made me more inclined to be on an exclusive Friendly Healthy Animal Product diet. Even though that was barely a big topic, the way it was presented was so rattling, and made perfect comedy. […]